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Congratulations on VINKA being a member of the drafting group of the industry standard!

Author:admin Time:2023/06/06

Congratulations on Suzhou Wanjia Electric Co., Ltd. (VINKA) being a member of the drafting group of the industry standard "Technical Requirements for Smart Electric Bikes"!


In January 2023, three group standards, including "Technical Requirements for Smart Electric Bikes", which were drafted by China Bicycle Association, were officially approved and passed.


As a brand focusing on making e-Bike motors, VINKA also participated in the formulation of this group standard. Being a member of the drafting group of the industry standard is also a recognition of VINKA's professional strength in motor research and development and product quality over the years, as well as VINKA’s leading position in the e-Bike industry.


With technologies from Japan, VINKA now mainly focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of torque sensor, mid drive system and hub drive system in the e-Bike industry.


Participation in the formulation of industry standard is an important indicator for a company to show its strength. Industry standard is a kind of specification and guidance, and is an important basis for evaluating the technical level of enterprises in the industry. To participate in the formulation of industry standards, enterprises need to have the corresponding technical ability and professional knowledge, and be able to accurately grasp and judge the technical level and development trend in the industry.


Since establishment, VINKA has been upholding the spirit of "pioneering and innovation", insisting on the priority of technology research and development, and promoting the research and development of Smart electric bike drive systems. Up to now, VINKA has obtained more than 110 patents around the world, and has ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, TS/16949, GB/T 29490, ISO27001 and other enterprise management systems and industry certifications such as EU EN15194, US UL and Japan JIS.


As one of the drafting members, VINKA will play a professional level together with other members and actively participate in all the work of drafting standards in the future. At the same time, we will continue to promote the technological upgrading and quality improvement of VINKA motors to better meet the needs of consumers, and strive to be the "leader in industry standards".