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The Vyber S1 pro with VINKA C20 best tested!

Author:VINKA Time:2022/04/16


At the beginning of this year, a total of 60 ebikes and speed pedelecs from 37 brands, including gazelle,stella, QWIC, ,moustache and others, were tested during the AD-fietstest. The testers pay attention to the driving performance, the assistance support, the price–performance ratio. 

The Vyber Ride S1 Pro with mid motor C20 from VINKA, has been declared the winner by the AD bike test with the designation "Best Tested" and awarded with an 8.3! Of all brands in the Netherlands, the Vyber s1 pro in the category city bike best tested! 


The reactions were laudatory ( These reactions are from people in the age of 16 to 75 )

◆ Comfortable, light, smooth and good looking

◆ Powerful support

◆ The motor picks up nicely


As the best seller, VINKA C20, the classic mid motor, is the best value for money with super performance. Without annoying extraneous noise, the VINKA C20 picks up nicely with the highest efficiency and a maximum torque of 80NM.

 Riding performace


For natural smooth riding performance, VINKA R&D team develop our own assistance algorithm so that the drive unit can adjust the assistance level to riders needs automatically. The precise reasonable assistance algorithm adjustment needs reply on the HBM,the Data Acquisition Systems & Instruments often used in automobile. On the one hand, VINKA team would collect all assistance signal in real time during riding, thus visualizing and digitalizing the unmeasurable riding performance with specific data. On the other hand, the HBM can help VINKA team analyse and define the C20 motor for the unmatched riding performance.

The lowest noise


With Brüel & Kjær Data Acquisition(DAQ) Software, VINKA R&D team can visualize the motor noise signal and get the precise noise source. With the data records and analysis, VINKA team can further optimize motor from mechanical design, the software adjustment and others so that to make sure the noise of C20 near to zero.

 The highest efficiency

VINKA C20 features more than 80% efficiency. With FOC motor drivce algorithm, it can reach high efficiency in wide RPM range. As a result, the C20 motor temperature rise more slowly, which can save the battery power extend the riding time.

 Maximum Torque

With maximum torque of 110Nm, the C20 motor can empower the eBike with great support and riders can sart it more easily.

 AUTO Function

Besides the regular assitance mode, the C20 also boasts its AUTO mode. During riding, the controller can automatically adjust the motor output to riders needs so that the riders can enjoy a comfort and natural riding experience no matter what kind of situation.